The Protest

The word "hysterectomy" was rarely spoken in public before HERS was established in 1982. "Hysterectomized" wasn't even a word — it was coined by HERS, and now it is used routinely in hundreds of websites and publications.

Before HERS, who could have imagined annual hysterectomy conferences? HERS 28th Hysterectomy Conference was held in New York City, and we're now planning a Webinar Conference Series.

Before HERS who could have imagined a play about hysterectomy? HERS produced the New York premiere of UN BECOMING and presented it in 24 cities between March 2004 and May 2005. HERS produced a professional video recording of the play with the original cast which is avavailable on DVD.

Nor was a nationwide protest against unconsented hysterectomy possible before HERS, let alone 51 cities in 51 weeks, including a 52nd protest in San Francisco at the ACOG national conference. From 2004 to 2005 we joined hundreds of you on the streets from Boston to Los Angeles, Miami to Anchorage, as "abusive doctors and the hospital staffs and executives who shield them" were forced to confront demonstrators protesting against this surgical abuse of women.

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